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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Halfway through Summer

This past week and half felt as if it didn't even happen. Time flew by so quickly. We are nearly midway through the summer. Events that loomed so large - like the Chicago Telegu Festival with its vibrant music and dance - have come and gone.

I am sad about missing the ICVM Conference in Denver last week. The filmmakers, actors, producers, writers, musicians and tech people who attend are always amazing. They come from all corners of the earth and their energy, joy, prayer, worship and fellowship feeds the soul. The speakers this year, as always, were exceptional. Next summer, the conference will take place in St. Louis, MO. I hope that its being closer to Chicago will make my attendance more feasible.

But, this summer still holds promise and adventure. My writers' group is planning a little getaway weekend. My sister from Florida will be visiting. At the family reunion in August, the family will get to meet my cousin's legendary twin baby girls. And, who knows what unplanned exploits and escapades lie in store?

I am looking forward to the second half and I know this will be a summer that leaves a sweet smell of remembrance.

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