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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Matters of Conscience

“In matters of conscience, the law of the majority has no place.” –Gandhi

The other day, I saw a bulletin board in my nephew’s school. It outlined the principles that the school stands behind and teaches. One of those principles resonated with me because I haven’t thought about it in a long time. I read:

“’Conscience Is the Most Sacred of All Property’ (James Madison): ‘God requires faithful stewardship of all His gifts, especially the internal property of conscience. This is a tool for self-government as each child learns the revelation of consent. Each individual governs his life through the voluntary consent to do right or wrong.’”

I realized that there is a great deal going on in this country that is hurting my conscience. We must object to unjust and ungodly rulings and laws made by our government. Our consciences will not permit us to do otherwise. To live with a seared conscience is far worse than to suffer imprisonment or hardship.

For example, when a judge can dictate “that 100% of all monies earned on work release be applied toward child support and credited toward the purge amount,” then something in this country has gone very wrong. Did we not abolish slavery in 1862? Are we not required to pay income tax on money earned? Are we forbidden to support our church and to practice our religion, which teaches tithing?

"One great lesson arose from all the beatings, tortures, and butchery of the Communists: that the spirit is master of the body. We felt the torture, but it often seemed as something distant and far removed from the spirit which was lost in the glory of Christ and His presence with us. When we were given one slice of bread a week and dirty soup every day, we decided we would faithfully “tithe” even then. Every tenth week we took the slice of bread and gave it to weaker brethren as our “tithe” to the Master." (from Tortured For Christ by Richard Wurmbrand)

This American judge’s ruling is especially egregious when the “child support” is 1) based on false information and a judge refuses to accept or consider exonerating evidence; 2) unequally determined and administered throughout the state and the nation; 3) demanded for healthy adult “children”; 4) becomes “college support” and is demanded and paid for children of the wealthy only. And, what is shocking about this judge is that he has been appointed to a federal organization to teach judges across the country his collection techniques.

As I see it, to pay what the court demands in this case would be to violate conscience. The demand by this judge amounts to a violation of civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and challenges the very concept of "equal protection under the law."

I would strongly urge the citizens of this country to wake up their consciences. The erosion of civil liberties ultimately results in the inability to worship and serve God as He directs us to. The reason God told Moses to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt was so that they could worship Him as He directed them to. Their deliverance from slavery and provision of the promised land were the outcomes of their obedience. A numbed conscience can’t hear clearly from God.

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  1. Excellent post, Laura. Our country needs to take this entirely to heart and act on it accordingly.