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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Philosophically, I consider myself more in line with Republican ideals. However, because too many Republicans have abused their power and merely given lip service to the concepts of less government, protecting the lives of unborn children, and being fiscally conservative, I no longer vote along party lines or even identify myself as a Republican or Democrat.

Because lying, corruption and hubris have overtaken the process and become the norm (for both main parties), there are VERY few in government who are not tainted. Of course, we are all human and therefore prone to human mistakes and error - no matter how brilliant or self-sacrificing we are. That said, there are far too many elected officials - judges, law enforcement, administrators and lawmakers - who represent only a very narrow group - sometimes only themselves! And the reason for the corruption comes right back down to you and me. Not enough voters take elections seriously and do their homework. It is a responsibility of every adult citizen of this country to participate in the process.

Since I wasn't raised in Illinois, I still don't understand all of the Illinois' government processes and positions. One of the most puzzling still remains the process of how judges are appointed and elected. In my blog over the next three weeks, I will be sharing what I have learned about the judicial election process.

The first thing that I know to share is that Tuesday, February 2 is the primary. This is the election where each party chooses the candidates who will run in the general election in November. In the primary, Democrats run against Democrats and Republicans against Republicans. Early voting begins next Monday. So, the time is now! No more delay. Homework time!

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