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Thursday, May 14, 2009


I wrote this two years ago, but updated it just a bit for today:

Hine Ma Tov - How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!

I have been hearing this message from multiple sources lately–even in my parents’ Lutheran church on Sunday. And, what a powerful message it is! So much good can be accomplished when people live and work together as one. It is a dynamic and amazing thing that happens. For instance, despite their differences, the people of the United States agreed to form a common government with certain principles – certain inalienable rights. They agreed that God was the authority under which they established those rights.

When a group of individuals agree on a script and the direction of that script, then a produced play or film results. A band can’t play unless the band members work as one.

And, unless we live together in unity in our homes, neighborhoods, towns, cities and churches, we will have warfare, lawsuits, broken families, poverty, abuse of power and apathy. Living in unity means living in agreement. When a group of people agree on a certain course of action, what a powerful difference they can make.

Right now, the people of the world are suffering in a recession. But, here in this country, I am seeing signs of hope. I see people encouraging each other. I see food distributions and job fairs. Let’s live together with the united purpose of helping each other – those in need both in our own neighborhoods and in our global community.

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