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Friday, August 14, 2009

Help! I need comedy Rx!

I am going to write something totally, hilariously funny and clever…


I just can’t do it alone! Beatrice had Benedick, Lucy had Desi, and Jerry had George. If only I had Debbie Bock’s quick wit, or Beth’s hilarity, or my neighbor Karen’s teasing humor. If only they were sitting right here feeding me one-liners.

If I were onstage, I could walk smack into a door or fall flat on my back on the floor, or make a totally silly face at someone the minute they turn their back. That would be funny… but only live and in person.

If I were a guy, I could drink down an entire glass of something and burp loudly afterward. Or, I could whine about not understanding what women want. Of course, I’d have to have an audience of other guys who would then compete over who could burp the loudest or complain the longest. A contest always helps.

But, I’m writing on a blank white computer page. It has no comedy whatsoever. I can hear the little boys in the house behind ours splashing in their pool. Earlier they were shooting the hose straight up into the air, while dogs barked all around them. Little kids can be funny – what they say and what they do. Too bad I don’t have a recorder that I could sneak out and put by the fence. Then later, I could transcribe what they say! I can't even take credit for the photos above of our nephew. My husband shot them. And they make me smile.

But, that doesn’t make this blog funny. And, now that I think about it, I haven’t read anything lately (except Beth’s blogs or Karen's emails) that even made me smile, much less laugh out loud. Where has all the humor gone?


  1. Of course you have a funny bone, Laura! Otherwise you wouldn't be able to do the funny things on stage. It just naturally squirts out of you in that direction.

    What's really humorous to me is that while you've been wondering where the humor has gone, I've been wondering why I couldn't write anything deep and insightful. All I can seem to do is turn out that goofy Captain's blog.

    If this helps any, I read a cartooning book by Randy Glasbergen. His advice was to cultivate "think funny."

  2. Thanks, Beth. I will try to start to "think funny". But, like Christine, I may just be too much of a romantic... Can romance and humor live happily together in one person?

  3. And, by the way, I love that Captain's blog.

  4. Laura, you are the first person to officially call me a romantic. I like it! :) It's strange that I spent five years or so writing children's skits for church that were "funny/goofy" and NOTHING funny comes to me now. God just made us all unique. The world needs us all!