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Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Rejuvenation

What a lovely weekend we had – full of weather variety, fascinating new people, exotic travel and wonderful cuisine. Okay so maybe it was a garage sale, a concert and fireworks show six blocks from our house and rural Indiana, where we ate fried chicken and potato salad and saw a community theatre production of “The Music Man.”

It is my husband’s fault (time for finger pointing here). He got me involved with a neighbor’s garage sale. Generally, I dislike that kind of thing, but the women running it were great fun, and I really appreciated getting to know them a little better. Even though the weather was unseasonably cool and rainy, I didn’t mind wearing a jacket and meeting the people who braved the weather to go garage sailing - especially the man who bought the collectible Matchbox cars, and then came back with his daughter to purchase the 50's dinette for her first apartment; or the older gentleman who was totally out of breath from walking up the hill who came to buy the bike; or the lovely young woman with big brown eyes and gorgeous short-cut jet black hair who bought a designer sweater.

I didn’t sell much, but the whole experience required little work on our part and I had fun. I really did! I definitely would not do a garage sale on my own. It’s only fun if you have other people around to talk with. And, other people’s stuff makes for a more interesting inventory.

Creedence Clearwater Revived provided the music for the outdoor concert on Elgin’s riverfront. The drummer and bass player from the original Creedence Clearwater Revival play with this band. The lead singer had a real John Fogerty-type voice, and the band was really tight. They were very good and I enjoyed it, although I was glad to have my Blackberry with me because, after all, they only played old hit songs and after an hour I got a little restless.

However, the fireworks had me on my feet. It was absolutely thrilling. I had never seen a laser light show outdoors, or those fire columns. Paired with the traditional fireworks, it was a spectacular show.

Spending Sunday in Indiana opened my eyes to a whole new side of that state. Just like Iowa, Indiana can be very maligned by some Chicagoans who prefer Wisconsin or Michigan. Bass Lake was lovely with a beautiful breeze and gorgeous sunshine. And, there is nothing like attending a well-directed community theatre show. The full-house audience absolutely adored the actors – many of whom were friends and family. The chorus was hardy and strong, the leads were graceful with pleasant voices, and the set was a veritable work of art. And, I have always loved “Iowa Stubborn.” Since I’m from Iowa, I can say that. And, I must say it brought a tear to me eye.

Very refreshing – like cold sweet watermelon on a hot day.

"For I satisfy the weary ones and refresh everyone who languishes." Jeremiah 31:25 (NASB)

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