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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And Now for Something Entirely Different

I read through my last few blogs and realized that I haven't shared much happiness, laughter or funniness lately. Therefore I must correct this situation immediately!

Call in the Silly Sailors, the Bombadiers of Belly Laughs and the Army of Incompetent Clowns. When our pastor reaches this point, he pulls out his old faithful jokes that still garner laughs - some out of genuine humor and some out of politeness. However, I don't have much of an arsenal. I'll have to dig in my dog anecdotes closet or my Broadway lyrics library or my own pratfalls and mis-speaking history.

That said, hmmmmm. About dogs. Dogs are funny people with funny habits and funny ways of communicating. My brother-in-law, who has a one-year-old baby, recently told me that dogs have more intelligence than a human being up to the age of two. Now, I absolutely believe everything that my brother-in-law says, but I wonder if he might not be a bit biased in this recent revelation. His baby girl is developing her voice and learning to understand words. She has no teeth, yet, and has a wobbly walk. Gates guard all the stairways in their house. Her babble is hilarious and is beginning to sound like sentences. Our dogs do that, too. My husband is convinced that our dog Larry says, "Hello you!" Both species seem to communicate quite well, despite the language limitations.

However, unlike our dogs, our little niece does not choose to sleep on electrical wires, rush outside to bark at the neighbors on the other side of the fence, chase snarling raccoons up trees or roll in foul-smelling objects in the yard for perfume. I'd say that gives her a definite edge in the intelligence arena.

Thus ends my discourse of the day. Unfortunately, the Humor Army, Navy and Air Force failed to show today. Maybe tomorrow.... Maybe someday...

Postscript: Our fierce guard dogs had their first tangible tangle with a skunk this past week. Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap makes for the best internet remedy we have discovered so far - plus it would make a great science experiment!

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  1. Yes, Charis is certainly a little smarty. She's starting to imitate us a lot, with snatches of words, musical rhythms and melody, and so on. She point to things, says, "Gah," and I say the word for it. Then she moves on to the next thing: "Gah." "Wall." "Gah." "Picture." "Gah." "Gregory." "Ge-ge! Gah." "Chair." and so on.

    Oh, and you're behind on the times: She also has cut her fourth tooth. Now her bite is becoming worse than her bark!