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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goodbye to Endeavor

The last flight of the space shuttle Endeavor is scheduled for tomorrow. After it, Atlantis will make a final voyage in July. These will end an exciting 30-year chapter in our nation's history. A history that included tragedy and amazing discoveries.

NASA has not developed a replacement or improved spacecraft. The last flight of Endeavor really does mean an end to our country's heart for space endeavors. So much has been gained and so much remains yet to done.

I mourn the loss of this dream and my heart aches to see the passion of our country for space exploration fade out and fizzle only to be replaced by an obsession with fantasy sci fi. We don't seem to have the passion to be a world leader any more. And, I believe this stems from a spiritual failure.

We lack the faith to dream, to fail and to try again. Our vision has been obscured by greedy corporations, terrorist threats and, worst of all, complacency. We want our MTV, our refrigerators, our HD TVs, and our cell phones. And, if we have those, we can retreat from the world and the responsibilities that come with privilege and freedom. So, goodbye Endeavor - in every sense of the world.


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