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Friday, May 27, 2011

My God is not....

Sometimes, descriptions of the nature of God lose their meaning. For instance, God is love. God is kind. After a conversation with a discouraged person who is upset with God, I began to think. Maybe it would help to specify what God is not. Especially in light of the horrible weather tragedies. So, here goes...

God is not arbitrary.

God is not cruel.

God is not unjust.

God is not callous.

How can we understand, then, the bad that happens to us and others? By changing the way we think.

Being on the receiving end of discipline as a child was not fun. I did not think that it was an expression of my parents' love. I thought a spanking hurt - especially my pride. I usually disliked being corrected when I said or did something mean to my siblings. But, the result was that discipline shaped my character for the better. I have benefited by it.

I'm not saying that tragedy equals discipline. But, as in discipline, it is not fun or enjoyable. Despite that, in tragedy and hardship, let's search for goodness, pour out love, banish bitterness and learn something. God created good. Life is good. Every breath is a blessing.

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