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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Halfway Between Wyomings

Half-way through… Isn’t that a strange place to be? I am reading Between Wyomings by Ken Mansfield as part of Thomas Nelson’s book reviewer bloggers program. The only reason I chose it was because there was no fiction on their list of available reads and this looked to be the most interesting. Intrigued by the title, I saw that it was about the music business. I thought even if I didn’t enjoy it, my husband – a musician himself – might like it. Now halfway through it, I am absolutely engrossed.

Ken Mansfield tells the story his life’s journey in the framework of a God-inspired road trip with no specified destination. As he and his wife Connie drive in their van (named Moses) they take off from their home in Northern California and wind their way down to Los Angeles and beyond. In the process, Ken talks with God, revisits sites of his tragedies and triumphs, and recalls history, relationships and experiences in the music industry. And, it is this mix of recollections, King David-like arguments with God, present-time reality and scripture that make for such fascinating reading. This man lived and worked and breathed at the pinnacle of the Hollywood pop scene in the 60’s and 70’s, and then went on to work as producer with legendary country performers Waylon Jennings, Willy Nelson and Jessi Colter. He also suffered from the same high profile maladies as his many of high profile peers: drug addiction, financial ruin and a sojourn in New Age religion. But, because of the prayers and choices of his fourth wife, Connie, he found salvation in Jesus Christ in the 1980’s.

I like that this book meanders and winds its way through time and space with a poet’s taste for words. Although I’m tempted to say the book was really written for us baby-boomers, I am sure that anyone who has embarked on a spiritual journey with Jesus Christ will find rewards in reading Between Wyomings.

On Friday, I should have wrapped up my reading and will complete my review.

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