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Monday, June 29, 2009

Spy Stories and Summer Silliness

All right, I confess! I love spy stories. As a kid, I adored Honey West and Harriet the Spy and Mission Impossible. When I wasn’t pretending to be a nun or a princess-knight in King Arthur’s court or a prairie girl, I wore my trench coat and carried my brother’s cap gun. My friends and I would range throughout their farms or the water tower hill in town running from the Germans or the Communists. I even made hiding spots in our house to escape from the secret police, or my brother, when he was looking for his cap gun.

I still love spy stories, only now they are called thrillers – even if I do have to shut my eyes for the most violent parts. My favorite spy story recipe includes: international travel (use foreigners in the U.S. as a substitute), hiding or chasing intrinsic to the plot, snooping on a government or other large corporation, and a daring rescue or escape. And for a nice high-stakes blend, some espionage or theft of top-secret documents that will save the world adds great flavor.

There are very few thrillers due out this summer. But there is a genuine “spy” movie coming out: G Force (about some high tech spy guinea pigs). I look forward to comparing it against my favorite recipe. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have to add a few more ingredients.

G-Force coming July 24.

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