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Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Times

Today is my parents’ 54th wedding anniversary. They were married in the 50’s in Madison, South Dakota just before my dad was sent to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. He had been drafted and played in the Army band.

For their honeymoon, my parents spent time in New York City going to all the hot jazz spots, including Birdland, which was pretty amazing for those two babes in the woods! Both of them were from rural areas and had met while at a small Lutheran college in Waverly, Iowa. But, my dad, a music lover and musician, was intrepid and they still remember that trip as a highlight of their lives. Of course – it was their honeymoon!

My husband and I watched Grease once again last night – Hollywood’s musical view of high school in the 50’s. My parents’ world and the Grease world were far apart in some ways, and very close in others. The stigma of being an unwed mother and unofficial hot rod car racing did represent certain norms across the entire country. But my parents and the students in their high schools were definitely not as disrespectful of adults as the Grease kids. It just wasn't done – because teachers, principals and parents simply wouldn't tolerate it. Those were the days of physical discipline – a reality missed in the movie.

However, the 50's era was a very special time, and its jazz, pop music style and dancing are great fun and still draw an audience. Perhaps, this music reminds us of a more innocent time – something our society may never recapture or value again.


  1. Your mom has a Denise Richards quality to her in this photo. So beautiful.

  2. Great blog, Laura. It sounds like their honeymoon was so special! I love historical!